Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Personale Classifica dei Candidati alla presidenza USA

Personale Classifica dei Candidati alla presidenza USA

1° John McCain (rep)
Pro: politica estera; estenzione della democrazia; creazione di una lega globale delle democrazie; antiabortista; a favore della ricerca scientifica embrionale; non cambia le sue opinioni più impopolari.
Contro: Non vincerà mai senza l'appoggio della destra religiosa, appoggio che non intende chiedere.

2° Michael Bloomberg (ind)
Pro: Sarebbe il miglior gestore dell'economia, politica estera dura ma con dei limiti, ordine , sicurezza, istruzione, sanità; contro la pena di morte.
Contro: come indipendente non verrà mai eletto.

3° Rudy Giuliani (rep)
Pro: Molto vicino a Bloomberg e candidato più gettonato alla vittoria.
Contro: Cerca troppo di apparire eleggibile per la destra religiosa rinneggando troppe delle sue idee.

4° Fred Thompson (rep)
Pro: Reincarnazione di Ronald Reagan
Contro: Siamo sicuri serva un esatta copia di Reagan nel 2008?

5° Mitt Romney (rep)
Pro: Classico candidato repubblicano molto forte sul economia (ha risanato l'economia del Massachusetts e salvato le olimpiadi invernali di Salt Lake City 2002)
Contro: Mormone (per la destra religiosa un apostata).

6° Barack Obama (dem)
Pro: Anche se si vanta di non aver mai votato per la guerra in Iraq, anche perchè non era senatore, promette di esser dal lato della promozione della democrazia.
Contro: Se vince deve rispettare l'impegno a ritirarsi (perdere) dall'Iraq

7° Hillary Clinton (dem)
Pro: Moglie di Bill Clinton, potrebbe esser un buon consigliere come lei lo è stata con lui.
Contro: Troppo attaccata all'immagine e ai sondaggi.

8° John Edwards (dem)
Pro: Ben pochi... forse il fatto che non vincerà mai...
Contro: Il periodo più oscuro del secondo 900 per gli USA cioè la presidenza Carter (1977-1980) potrebbe ritornare.

Non me ne vogliano i filodemocratici per averli messi agli ultimi 3 posti ma il blog si intitola antityrannyblog e l'indicatore "avversione alla tirannia" è quello che conta di più in questa classifica, che è tutto personale e non ha pretese di rappresentare la verità.

Thursday, 21 February 2013


A more complete imagination than Philip's might have pictured a youth of splendid hope, for he must have been entering upon manhood in 1848 when kings, remembering their brother of France, went about with an uneasy crick in their necks; and perhaps that passion for liberty which passed through Europe, sweeping before it what of absolutism and tyranny had reared its head during the reaction from the revolution of 1789, filled no breast with a hotter fire.

"My children," said the Oldest and Wisest Ape in the entire World, when he had heard the Deputation, "you did right in ridding yourselves of tyranny, but your tribe is not sufficiently advanced to dispense with the forms of monarchy. To those new states whom we welcome to the ranks of the free: we pledge our word that one form of colonial control shall not have passed away merely to be replaced by a far more iron tyranny.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Tyranny of Structurelessness

"The Tyranny of Structurelessness" is an influential essay by American feminist Jo Freeman inspired by her experiences in the 1970s women's liberation movement concerning power relations within radical feminist collectives.

The essay reflected on the experiments of the feminist movement in resisting the idea of leaders and even discarding any structure or division of labor. However, as Hilary Wainwright wrote in Zmag, Freeman described how "this apparent lack of structure too often disguised an informal, unacknowledged and unaccountable leadership that was all the more pernicious because its very existence was denied."
The phrase has been used to describe one problem in organizing, the other being "rigidity of structure," according to ecofeminist Starhawk. In 2008 "Community Development Journal" reviewed the article as a "classic text" which editors felt had influenced the practice of community development. That year a John F. Kennedy School of Government course used the paper in a course on leadership.

Some anarchists have objected to Freeman's analysis because it also has been applied to some anarchist organizing. Howard J. Ehrlich discussed the negative impact of the article on anarchist organizing in Reinventing Anarchy, Again. Cathy Levine wrote a 1979 rejoinder "The Tyranny of Tyranny." In a review of the essay for Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed, Jason McQuinn noted its popularity among leftist and platformist anarchists.

Sunday, 19 November 2006

Intelligent Environmentalism

Leaving aside the paleoverdi crowding the left half of the world, I am I'm with ronmental intelligent than that environmentalists call the realistic situation on the global climate.

Al Gore is very peaceful, but also very courageous in denouncing the stupidity of progress that does not look beyond his nose and injures himself .... made us in his documentary film (An Inconvenient Truth) Oscar candidate, quancosa that anyone can do to combat global warming!

T. Blair commented that the search of his government on the environment has finally hinted that the environmental collapse will cause collapse of the strong economies should invest in the future and for the protection of the environment because what you do not invest now will pay for tens of times in the future.

A. Schwarzenegger : it has implemented legislation to promote the use of solar energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 25% by 2020 in its California and launched the idea of a partnership between California and the states of North-East committed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 10% by 2019 through the "cap-and-trade." A system "cut and sell", which sets a cap on emissions and allows companies that cut to receive more credits , sold to others instead of exceeding it.

Tuesday, 31 October 2006

We praise you Tony !

C 'is who defines the faithful dog of Bush. It 'time to give credit to a leader so hated (by a certain part) because the bearer of a modern mentality that looks to the ideas of the other political party without hatred, but with an open mind and who knows how to modernize its own. Fight against terrorism: Blair to joint the day after the bombing in London (07/08/2005): "Fanaticism is not a religion but a state of mind. We will work with you to ensure that the true voice of moderate Islam to be heard properly. Together we can ensure that, even though terrorists can kill, never to destroy the lifestyle that we share and the values ​​we defend with force and conviction for this , what applies to us and not for terrorists is that the victory will belong to us. "

Modernization of Economy and Education:
Blair at the European Parliament in June 2005:

"First we must modernize our social model. Some have said that I would leave the European social model. But according to you what kind of social model is a system that sees 20 million unemployed in Europe, a level of productivity away from the American , a number of science graduates in India over the European one and that compared to a relative index of a modern economy - skills, R & D, patents, information technology - is going backwards instead of forward. India will expand 5 times its biotechnology sector over the next 5 years, while China has tripled its spending on research and development " 

Blair says the report on climate change commissioned by the British government 
30/10/2006 / apcom.php? 20061030_000006.xml s = "The relationship is clear we are heading towards a climate catastrophe if we do not act. We need a global initiative shared by governments, scientists and entrepreneurs and a massive injection of funds, to create a technological revolution that would considerably reduce the energy we use and to improve the solar panels and other renewable energy sources, the key lies in creating clean energy sources and reducing the same time we use " Human rights: Blair on Guantanamo sett.2006 "We must ensure that detainees are subject to proper judicial process but also ensure safety."

For the series left antitirannica: JOE FORCE

Downloaded from the base in the Democratic primary is a strong advantage as an independent candidate for U.S. Senate (independent will, but a sure vote for the war on terror - Sen. Joseph Lieberman, running as an independent, has 53 percent to 33 percent lead on Democratic anti-war challenger Ned Lamont. Lieberman, a three-term Democratic incumbent, lost the party primary in August after Lamont Attacked His support for the Iraq war. Data: